A Biodegradable Degreasers & Surfactants

THE TECHNOLOGY 100% Biodegradable Degreasers and Surfactants 

Surfactant formulated with synergistic active ingredient. 
The surfactant is designed with hydrophilic (water affiliation) & oleophilic (oil affiliation) properties. 
Surfactants functions to reduce the surface tension of hydrocarbon molecules in oil. The oil disperses & flocculates into droplets. 
Our oil dispersant / degreaser products, contain many different surfactant ingredients blended with each other, to solve most oil characteristic matters. 
We offer class leading, application specific products which are able to dissolve and remove most waste matter, organic, inorganic or petroleum hydrocarbons. The product biodegradability and efficiency being the critical factors for selection. 
100% biodegradable products 
Comply to Eco label & International Green Seal Standard GS 34 
Green Tag Certification 
Certificate of Origin (CO) 
Alternative, to petroleum – based, fluorinated and chlorinated solvents 
Efficient at dissolving and removing grease, oil, crude oil and hydrocarbon based contaminants. 
Oils and much more. 
Tested and approved by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority for cleaning birds & wildlife after oil spills. 
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