General description

One-piece, liquid-proof PE apron resists many chemicals, fats, greases, and oils. Extra-long ties, embossed finish. Packaged in convenient dispenser of 100 aprons.


Disposable Plastic Aprons / Gowns are designed to protect uniforms / clothing from moisture / soiling during direct patient care. In the majority of cases, plastic aprons will be appropriate for standard precautions. In some cases, where extensive contamination of blood / body fluids is anticipated e.g. maternity units, ED units or when the patient requires a significant amount of direct care with close skin-to-skin contact, a long sleeved fluid repellent gowns may be more appropriate. Gowns do not need to be sterile unless used for an aseptic procedure such as central line insertion or in an operating theatre.

  • Aprons/Gowns should be stored in a clean area. Wall-mounted storage units are available for storing PPE and the storage unit should be cleaned regularly.
  • Aprons/Gowns should not be worn routinely during shifts and must be changed between patients. They may also need to be changed between different procedures on the same patient.
  • Care should be taken to remove aprons / gowns carefully using ties and taking care not to touch the outer surface. The apron/ gown should be folded / rolled into a ball before disposal into a waste receptacle.
  • Used aprons / gowns should be discarded immediately after use.
  • Hands should always be decontaminated after removal of apron/gown and gloves.
  • When colour coded aprons are worn the colour must be appropriate to the task e.g. green aprons for serving food.

Product Description

✅ High quality medical grade CPE apron gown ✅ There are more than 100,000 quantities in stock 【1】Material: CPE (100% plastic) 【2】size: Free size (82cm*123cm) 【3】GSM: 40-50 Best use for beauty salon, hospital, etc… Package include: 1PC Apron 【Note: Each piece Individual Packing – Hygiene..!!!】