OWJ Service: Award-winning Cleaning Chemical

OWJ Service is a global hygiene cleaning solution
OWJ Services is a global hygiene cleaning solution provider in South Asia.

We here at OWJ Service are proud to acknowledge that
our cleaning solutions have led us to this position. OWJ Service is an
award-winning cleaning chemical supplier that operates on an
international level. Our journey began in 1992. Since then, OWJ Service has
expanded thoroughly from its commencing point in Malaysia to the Middle East
and further in Southern Asia. We are the current leading supplier of cleaning
products to many industries that include healthcare, pharmaceutical, food,
clothing, and many more.  For over 20 years, we have managed to cross
milestone after milestone and expanded our business in several countries. OWJ
Service has a simple objective: to provide top-notch quality cleaning solutions
to every sector. Our mission is to always maintain the highest standards of
customer service. OWJ Service aims to expand further into other Asian countries
and one day beyond Asia too. We care about your health. It is our job to provide
the highest quality cleaning chemical products that keep you and the people
around you safe and healthy.

Types of Cleaning Chemicals OWJ Service Offers

OWJ Service supplies a broad variety of cleaning
products. Our goal is to be the place where you can get all of your cleaning
related products. Whether it’s mops or detergents, OWJ Service has everything
you need to make your life free from diseases and harmful bacteria. Take a
look below at what types of chemical detergents we offer to our valued

1. Air Freshener/Deodorizer

OWJ Service offers air fresheners and deodorizers
that keep the environment pleasing and smell amazing. These fresheners can be
sprayed in offices and homes to keep the odor pleasant and free from insects.

2. Carpet/Fabric Care

Rug shampoos, fabric softeners, sofa cleaners all
can be found from OWJ Service. We offer high-quality cleaning chemical products
in Malaysia and across the world that bring out the brightness of your clothes,
carpets, and sofas without compromising their material. So, you don’t worry about
the texture losing its charm after you choose OWJ Service.

3. Degreaser

The industrial degreasers we offer our best for
cleaning greasy corners, oily surfaces, and dirty appliances. These greasers
are non-abrasive, colorless, as well as non-toxic. Completely safe to use and
ideal for industrial areas.

4. Kitchen Cleaner

OWJ Service also offers several kitchen cleaning
chemicals that keep your kitchen shiny, clean, and free from bugs. Expect high
standard dishwashing liquids from us as well as other cleaning chemicals that
include oven cleaner, kitchen sanitizer, etc.

5. Floor Cleaner

A neat and clean floor cannot be acquired through
hard mopping. What you need are strong and multipurpose floor cleaners that do
your heavy work. Here at OWJ Service, you can get acidic cement remover, grease
cleaner, liquid chlorine, and many more in our floor cleaning chemicals
section. Watch this video to learn more about our Halal certified OWJ
Service 511 Kleen All and OWJ Service 551 MP7: 

6. Body Cleaner

To ensure our valued customers stay healthy and safe
from diseases, OWJ Service offers them several variations of body hygiene
solutions. These include hair shampoo, hand sanitizer, hand soap, etc. These
products are carefully manufactured to be soft on the skin and hair while
getting rid of germs as well.

7. Washroom Disinfectant

Researches have shown toilets to be the riskiest
when it comes to contracting diseases. As the leading cleaning chemical
supplier in Malaysia, we have brought you everything you need to keep your
bathrooms smell pleasant and look bright. Our washroom cleaning chemicals
include toilet deodorants, surface sanitizers, toilet bowl cleaners, and much

8. Miscellaneous

Other than the usual cleaning detergents and
chemicals, OWJ Service also offers helpful tools and accessories that come in
handy with the chemicals. These include dispensing pumps, glue remover, auto
timer controller for detergents, etc. We aim to make your cleaning tasks as
easy as possible.

Are Quality Cleaning Chemicals Important?

Cleaning products have a vital role in our lives.
Whether it’s offices or homes, cleaning products help us get rid of harmful
germs and other contaminants that pose a threat to our health. To ensure that
we stay far from diseases, it is necessary to opt for high standard cleaning
chemical products to make the environment more hygienic. Other than this,
we must state the fact that the handling of cleaning detergents and chemicals
must be done appropriately. Despite their tons of benefits, if not handled with
precaution, these chemicals can potentially harm the people around us. Reading
instructions and safety manuals before using any high concentrated substance
for cleaning is a must. Even though the pandemic is not at its peak
anymore, all of us must take safety precautions. OWJ Service offers all that
you need to minimize the risk of contracting any form of a contagious disease.
We value our beloved customers and their health. Hence, we advise that the
safety precautions should not be ignored under any circumstances. Public places
such as shopping malls, hospitals, and educational institutes should take
permanent measures that encourage the public to keep clean. This can be done by
installing sanitizers and hand wash access around public areas where crowds
usually form. Due to the high number of visitors in public places, expect
such areas to be filled with harmful bacteria. It is necessary to use reliable
and efficient chemicals to keep the health of the public away from harm by
regular clean-ups and sanitization.

Why OWJ Service?

We here at OWJ Service care about
your health and safety. Therefore, we provide more than just cleaning chemical
products and always look at the bigger picture. Our services are provided by
well-trained and experienced professionals that train people in workplaces and
industrial sectors. This is done to ensure that the cleaning procedures are
handled carefully with no chances of harm. OWJ Service has a team of customer
services that aim to exceed your expectations in every aspect. Our goal is to
achieve a healthier and safer world. We always look forward to hearing from our
valued prospects. So, if you have any inquiries, do not hesitate to ask for
further info from our website here.